How to save inventory space when traveling with jetpack


Here is a little tip for those who want to travel across a world but it may be expensive so you may want to do this in custom only.

Do you know how 10 jetpacks can store 100 fuel all at once? Yeah, this will exploit that feature and make it worth saving space on fuel.

For those traveling big worlds if you are owner or admin on a custom world where tps aren’t free, buy a few stacks of jetpacks and travel from there. you will save A LOT of space instead of having to carry around a bunch of fuel.

This may be a useful life hack as it will save a lot of inventory space but may also be expensive if your doing this in vanilla.


Why is this only for owners and admins?


On custom, it may because trade portals on a lot of worlds aren’t free.


I don’t see how anyone other than admin or owner would go across world. Its too expensive.

This is my first post after a year lol. My account is ded :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t really see this saving any space. Once a jetpack runs out you put it back in your inventory which means you have to use an inventory slot anyway.
I think I’ll stick with a stack of fuel


Rest in piece to your account.


That many jetpacks takes a long time to make. A chest of fuel is much, much cheaper.

Also, you don’t need that much fuel. 100 is enough to get around a normal sized world very comfortably. (It might be twice, but it’s been a while. I do remember being pleasantly surprised with how much I had left.)

Also, all my explorers have portal chests, so it’s easy for those at home to give them things. (I did, though, almost get caught without a jetpack. I didn’t have enough titanium to make another.)


Use jetpack with coffee. Also a good strategy.