How to Search The Blockheads Forums on Google

  1. Copy this: Search query site:
  2. Go to Google and paste it into the search bar
  3. Replace “Search query” with what you’re looking for on The Blockheads Forums
  4. Click on the “Google Search” button or the blue button right next to the search bar depending on what kind of device you’re using
  5. Happy searching! :slight_smile:

Here’s an example image. This is possible with any Discourse forum.


Its possible with any site aswell. as the “site:” command on google searches only that site.

But, whats exactly the purpose of this? isn’t it possibly faster and more convenient just to use the search bar on the forums?

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Now I’m tempted to reply just (pizza) on every post I make…

Google is able to specifically tell you how many results it found (including how long it took to find those results).

Discourse (top image) and Google (bottom image).

Different results order too. Google won, this time.

It looks like Google is more accurate when it comes to searching the forum. :smile:

thats a bit ironic

This is something people do on forums without a good search function. You put a random string of letters hidden in your signature, then you can google for <anything> <your random string> and it will search what you have posted.

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The only disadvantage is that forums you have to register to view won’t be searched. This is exactly why that functionality is enabled. We don’t want people searching for anything not Blockheads related here :slight_smile:

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