How to set up your own Mac server

The server app is currently for Mac OS X 10.8 and above only, and you can get it either via the Mac App Store, or by downloading it directly. More info at and direct download links:

Download on the Mac App Store
Download directly from this site

Windows and Linux versions of the server are currently in development.

If you are setting up a server, and wish to invite people to join, please keep in mind that you need to give people your public IP address. If your IP starts with 192 then it is a local IP, and people won’t be able to access it from outside your local network, so you need to find out what your public IP is.

If you have a dynamic IP address (which is pretty common) you may need to use a service like to give you a url that will stay the same even when your IP address changes.

You may also need to change settings on your firewall or router, to set up port forwarding and allow connections on UDP Port 15151 to be directed to your Mac. Make sure you select UDP, TCP won’t work.

Once you get it up and running, you can share a url to your server with blockheads:// or at the start, and when someone taps it from an iPhone or iPad with The Blockheads installed, it will automatically start the game and fill in the details.

Some examples would be:
and you can also add the port to the end:

(note none of these will actually work, they are just examples).


I’m working on it, Dave. :smiley:
But I’m hoping someone else gets to it first! Haha.
The most I can do is answer questions, because most of us probably have different ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and routers, which means settings and networks are going to be very, very, different, so a guide will be difficult to put together.

I can help with:
-NETGEAR routers and port forwarding and setting up a “reserved IP” for them
-some of setting up a account and hostname (I can’t help with domain names (yet))


Please try mine! Blockland X

It sadly does not work for me :frowning: unless the server is offline?

Didn’t work for me :confused: possibly the server is offline?

If ANYONE could tell me/everyone HOW TO DO THIS EXACTLY, STEP BY STEP, I would be SO happy.

Dave, any ETA on the PC version? My PC is always online. Also, any idea on the upload/download speed requirements to support 32 clients?

This will update your Dynamic IP address with, which ties a hostname to your IP.
You then use that url in blockheads.

That wasn’t the quote I wanted to use from Dave’s post…I copied the wrong part. I edited it though.

I got it! No more using the IP address!
Edit: Nevermind…NO-IP is extremely slow… When I use them to bypass having to use my IP address, it rarely loads. But it DOES LOAD SOMETIMES…so I know I *can *establish a connection using the hostname from NO-IP with the links that Dave provided us.

Oh and FYI: If you had to set up port forwarding in your router settings-you will have to do this for each new world you create in the Mac Server App.
You will also have to do this is you used a DNS client like NO-IP and had to set up a Port-80 redirect.

Do i need a mac to join?


You don’t need a Mac to play on a world, you just need one to host it.

I hope Dave makes a mobile version of this like that multiplayer minecraft app that let’s u play multiplayer that would be awesome

There is a very similar mobile version. Please read the update release thread.

Can any one help me figure out my problem above^^^ Not the FYI part.

I never had any issue with no-ip. I used it for several years and it always worked. Even updating my IP address (manually) worked within seconds.

Well, it’s not on my end. At least not that I can tell. Because when I switch back over to just using my public IP, I can connect four other devices while fiance is playing WOW… Haha

I found this today:

For upload/upstream bandwidth requirements for hosting a network game (not sure if that’s what we’re doing specifically) it says

1Mbps: 2-4 players
2Mbps: 4-8
3Mbps+: 8+

Is this accurate? Does anyone know?

Those figures depend completely on the game. Traffic testing I did revealed Blockheads used nowhere near that much bandwidth. Under 100kb on average.