How to sleep during long crafting sessions


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I saw this thread and I was in favor of it almost immediately. But there is a way to do it already, but it is more costly and less effective.

Let’s say I want to craft some torches for my next mining trip. It’ll take around 3m 30s to craft about 40 torches. But that’s not enough for my adventure! Plus, I have to go study for a little while and the Blockhead will be tired by the time it’s finished crafting.

So, place a bed of some sort right next to your workbenches. Put your Blockhead to crafting the 40 torches, then make it go to the nearby bed. Do not wait for the Blockhead to craft all 40 torches, just set sleeping as the next action.

Next, tap on the workbench, then the name of the workbench. In this case, I’ll tap on the campfire and then tap “Campfire”. Then I’m able to craft 40 more torches. I can do this as many times as I like for as long as I like as long as I have enough torches and enough beds. Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Automatic sleep

Word? Ima try this now.


Smart thinking. What if you have10 beds and you want to craft 100 steel blocks. Craft 10 steel and set to sleep after, then set to craft 10 steel and set to sleep in the next bed etc. :wink:


Yep. I don’t know if this is an exploit though. I don’t think so, at least. I’ll try to post a video as an example.


I’ve been using this method for a while. It’s very helpful for when you’ll be gone for a period of time and you want crafted items for the next time you play. I had signs pre-1.7 with the number of a certain item that can be crafted on a full golden bed’s worth of sleep until the Blockhead refused to work. I haven’t gotten around updating it for 1.7, though.


Thanks so much for the help! And for giving me credit for it. I’ll have to try this. Lol and glad that you were in favor of it as well.


Nice! I was going to suggest place bed near to the crafting bench but to your picture it’s beside the press bench I liked it.


You are a genius! :man_scientist:


Cool! I figured this method out too. Glad I’m not the only one.
Created this method when crafting ingots. Usually 12-15 ingots, sleep, 15 more ingots, etc. I’m sure the numbers are greater on electric benches and yeah, you can do it as many times as you like as long as you have power and are fed.

If you are skilled enough, you can have them do a lot of things while away.

Other than that, I went through a phase where I used a lot of coffee cherry and coffee drinks to keep a blockhead working nonstop while another handed the worker more food when they ran out and refuel everything else.

This to the point I had four blockheads working nonstop, crafting so much, while a fifth blockhead handled anything else, including picking coffee cherries off a large coffee cherry tree farm. Bwahaha!!!

I so far I have never had a blockheads die from staying up a few days. I wonder if they can die from absolutely no sleep. Can anyone confirm this. I heard they can overheat from drinking too fast.