How to take down a reply?

I wrote a reply, but I have looked at it again and I’ve realized that it was not helpful. How do I take it down?

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You should be able to click the three dots on your reply
then there should be a little trashcan icon to click, which deletes the comment in 36 hours

Thank you @VolcanoFlame
(I don’t know if I need to put the at)

Huh? What do you mean?

he ment this symbol @

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If you’re wondering whether the mention is necessary to make a user aware of a post, it usually isn’t provided you reply to them directly using the reply button on the lower right corner of their post.

In the top of the new post you’re making, you should be able to see who you’re primarily replying to. The @ is then used to reply to any additional people within the same post so as to avoid double posting.

It can also be used to guide other players to the profile of the one in question, or bring them in to the discussion.

If I’m replying to someone’s comment like this