How To Tame Animals?


Donkey - Carrots
Dodo - Apple
Scorpion - Strawberry’s (i don’t know name for them lol they are found on the cactus)
Drop Bear - Pine (I think)
Cave troll - Gold Coins
Yak - Wheat


Each animal also requires a certain amount of positive feedings for them to be tamed. Injuring and animal and feeding it counts as a negative feed and does not contribute to the taming proccess, it only prolongs it.

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The ‘strawberries’ are prickly pears.

Hmm, I haven’t met a cave troll to tame in 1.7 yet. It eats gold coins? What about platinum ones? :laughing:


And sharp?


They are called Prickly Pears.
Sharks - Raw Fish
Fish - Kelp




They only eat gold coins, not copper coins or platinum ones. That’s a good thing, otherwise we’d be spending platinum coins on taming cave trolls (although I wouldn’t really mind).

But you can’t cage Cave Trolls, which is sort of a pity. If caging them was possible, you could make a portable cave troll army…


Anyone know if you have to hand feed the animals those items or let them eat through the feeding chest in order to tame them?


You have to hand fed them
After you tame them, you can use a feeder chest to feed the animals


Thank you! That certainly explains why after many blockhead days, they still are not tamed.


Hi im “new” to the forum (i know how it works by watching a friend and now i just joined) i want to know how to spawn a yak. They are rarish i saw one in the world i first created after the update but i killed it… Also i would like to know how to make plaster and where. I would appreciate some info thx!


Yaks will spawn where there are hills and sustainable wheat.

As for plaster… This image should help:

The yak shavings can be obtained by shearing yaks with a razor.


Thx! Wow its kinda a bit expensive since i still need to get steel to develop but whatever


You’re welcome! I myself haven’t yet gotten the razor.

because I don’t have yaks. Or wheat for that matter...


It seems to me all you need is wheat. It doesn’t have to be hilly.


I guess that makes a bit more sense as “hilly” itself is a bit of a loose term. :face_with_monocle:


Well, the ‘hilly’ I’m using has only one defini–
opens dictionary
–Yes, only has one definition.


I meant what you would consider as a hill in the game.


Ooh, I’m so slow. Anyway, I’m dragging us off topic, sorry. :sweat_smile:


Can any of you tell me how to “ride” the pets we tame?