How to Tell the Difference Between Whether an Admin or a Hacker is Stealing


Before and after.

Just set up a trap like this one and wait. You should include a sign that says “do not steal” and label your safes/chests with something worth going after. If the trapdoor is broken, it’s a higher chance that an admin did it, because the hacker would just hack their way out.


not really that bullet proof, an admin could just dig around or not dig the door at all


Can’t admins go through any iron door anyway? You need to add an iron door below that iron door too (make sure there’s an air blovk, so they can’t get out.


I believe any “smart” admin could just go around or find a loophole to hide their evidence. But on top of all that, why would you have admined someone who would steal from you in the first place? I mean, I know this thread is suppose to be helpin other people spot bad admins/hackers, but havin malicious people admined? I think it’ll be time to reconsider staff.


Well it could just work as a normal trap.


Yeah, that’s a really big flaw.


There was a rule of “no blocks that are hard to remove” on this particular server.
I had to get around that using iron doors/trapdoors


I thought of that. But what you can’t see in the picture is that I placed the iron trapdoors so that they are in a vertical line, and the iron doors horizontally. You can’t exactly enter an iron door from the top, or enter a trapdoor from the side. They would have to break their way through.