How to use steam generator

I just got a steam generator but I don’t know what it does or how to use it. What’s the purpose of it?

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Its primary function is to generate electricity. It’s similar to a furnace/kiln/campfire/metalwork bench in a sense that it requires fuel, but it uses the fuel to generate electricity, which can be stored in flywheels to supply electricity to your electric benches. (Both flywheels and electric benches can be crafted at a Level 4 workbench. They also need to be connected by copper wires, shown in the picture)

A cool caveat is that steam generators function as brilliant heat sources which do not cause fires. I use them in my single player apple farm, which generates 3-4 chests of apples every season!

Hope this helped :slight_smile:


@LittleLovelyBug the way to put electricity in flywheels is to simply put it next to the flywheel. building things such as elevators require electricity so putting a flywheel with a steam generator will cause it to work (flywheel directly next to elevator motor), but just putting a steam generator next to the motor is the simplest option.


Another use beyond electricity. Place five steam generators under a single row of blocks. Then fill in a pool of water on top of those blocks. Of course have a block on either side to contain the water. You now have a healing pool. Campfires work as well but the steam generator generates more heat.

Sidenote. If you are crafting from scratch you will need a steam generator to craft materials to later craft solar power.


If you position enough generators in the right places around a handcar jump, you can pull of great stunts like this Superman trick.