How were the blockheads death or attack sounds made

I’m asking for the fictional characters like drop bears and unicorns.

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Considering how the entire soundtrack is composed of royalty-free music from Kevin MacLeod, I think it’s safe to say that the sound effects in the game have a similar origin.


The dodo sound is slowed down recordings of Dave’s chickens if I remember correctly


Haha that’s pretty cool


How do you think they got the Minecraft Wolf death sounds

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i mean it sounds like it lol

Slaughtering wolves of course

idk probably the noises a dog makes when its dying

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Wait Dave owns chickens?? What breeds

I own chickens. just got some fayoumi at the beginning of the summer, they’re fine pullets now

Your name isn’t Dave :stuck_out_tongue:

What breeds do you have? I own chickens as well

I have several breeds of chickens. I have cochins I got about a year ago, and this year I ordered “random breed” from a hatchery so i’ll see what they are when they grow. about 2 years ago I got my first chickens.

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Dave has not got them any more. Please stay on-topic.