How would The Blockheads handle infinite worlds if they happened to be added

Lets just say in a universe where The Blockheads received an update with infinite worlds. how would the game handle the infinite worlds as you go further and further into the world. lets just assume it doesn’t crash and you are able to go as far as you want. how would the game react as you potentially go into the millions, or even billions, if not trillions and so on. How would the engine react. would it react like how minecraft bedrock does when you are 30 million blocks out, or would it stay stable. that is the question i want to know.

Of course in an infinite world, how would poles spawn? simple answer: they don’t. Long answer, how do you get the pole items? they can spawn on some diamond trees. but they only spawn once per tree.

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Why would pole items spawn on diamond trees? :thinking:

Even in a world where a world might be infinite, your technology is not. Every device would eventually run out of memory and/or storage to hold the data about the terrain you have visited. Even if that data was unloaded on devices and stored on the server, that data could grow unbounded, not something that could be sustained for long.


It’s not set up to scale like that. It would have to be changed to cope. You would have loading between zones. Think of how a world loads, and you could get that. It would perhaps take longer, as it would be generating the data as you cleared the black fog, and then it would need to seek more to find the cleared data when you moved around between zones. Hosting costs would become vast, and we would pass them on to the customer. On top of that, you would find that the app ate all your local storage in the instance of singleplayer worlds.

You probably wouldn’t have poles. They exist because the world is finite, modelled on the real world. You’d have zones, but poles and equator would be pointless.