HTML Pros Needed!


Hello! I currently own a server called Gemtopia (Owned by 1ceKub3) and we are in need of a welcome message make over! If you are experienced in HTML, please consider helping! If you respond to this thread then I will tell you what I would like in the message! Thank you!

No help needed anymore! Thank you to anyone who reached out!


check out How to make your own HTML welcome messages!


I could help.


Great! I’d definitely like drop down menus and a large centered “Gemtopia” in a cool font, which passes along the screen. If you can do that just reply, and we can work out a time and date we can both be online and you can edit the message

Contact me batter on Discord Freezy#0314


You can count on me being a noob at HTML!


…Anyone helping… don’t change the rules n stuff. I spent time working on it.


If I could I’d delete this post, we don’t need it anymore


Change the title?