Huawei mate 20 pro support

When is support for the Huawei mate 20 pro phone coming if at all?I can not see the bottom UI where all my items are.

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I don’t understand why this phone wouldn’t be supported. :question:

Seems like an issue with non-16:9 aspect ratio phones.
I’m afraid that is the same case with the Pixel 2 XL and this phone.

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Where the items are supposed to be is where the back and home button are supposed to be

Yeah, it’s a problem with the app, not your phone.

Will the Pixel 2 XL aspect ratio problem ever be fixed?

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I’m pretty sure not unless Noodlecake prioritizes it. Exactly why I would love a separate bug tracker for this game.

@CalebratedGamer emailed Noodlecake about the problem, but they didn’t provide a good response or solution.

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They might push it out in a future update as stated; but we can’t have our hopes up.

They can’t make it a priority though?

Probably because they’re too busy on other games of their own. I’m not sure though.

That doesn’t really seem fair if one of their games is nearly unplayable on multiple devices.

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Well, considering that both of these phones run Android 9.0 and that Android 9.0 hasn’t even made a dent in Android version market share, it makes sense.

That is why I don’t like Android,it just too wide to cover with just one same code.Who can expect a game to work in ANY android devises across brands even its 10 years old.

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Minecraft works on practically every device; in fact I’ve only seen a few phones not supporting the majority of Android apps.
Windows/Linux computers can run any software as long as they have proper drivers and software.

then minecraft have a very good portability!
But hardware is a bigger concern,especially with the "folding phone"coming soon.
But they still needs an emulator to run on windows.