Humble Hamlet- Mac Server

Port: 15204
Server Type: Private, Survival, 16x
Discord Link: Humble Hamlet

Hi! It’s been a while, and after some thought I decided I wanted to run a more calm world instead of something hectic and high-maintenance. Therefore, I’ve decided to dredge up an old server Wingysam helpfully provided me and am now making it open to join!

Humble Hamlet is inspired by Animal Crossing. It’s a vanilla/survival world where we all live in the same town, and elect a mayor on a monthly basis (might change later, elections are currently not fleshed out). The rules are as follows.

1: Thou shall not “grief”.

2: Thou shall leave the stumps of fruit trees when cutting them down, unless you plan on building there.

3: Thou shall not steal from others.

4: Thou shall respect your fellow fellows.

5: Thou shall not dupe , exploit, or cheat.

6: This is more of a guideline, but critique should be constructive, not hateful.

7: Do not ask for a position amongst our staff team

P.S. Build houses on the left side and businesses on the right. This is not mandatory but is preferable, as there is not much space to the right.

The world is private, so it is best if you message me or post here that you’d like to join and have a blockheads username available. This is for accountability and lowering the chances of rule-breaking and toxicity.

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I’d definitely like to join! My in-game username is “Wumbo Jumbo” if you’re curious. :slight_smile:

Interesting, I’ll check it out during my weekends.

I’d like to join, my ingame name is firestar9997

You and Wumbo will be whitelisted shortly. Thanks for telling me!

An extra note, to the left of spawn is Humbleton Prison. Prisons are useless since the server’s private, so anyone is welcome to use one of the 3x3 rooms as a place to store their stuff.

Houses are currently in a weird spot right now, as there aren’t official zoning rules or anything. There are some decent workbenches at spawn for public use, and everyone is welcome to go underground to mine and search for resources. I’ll try to get public housing set up later, but it’s currently a free for all.

I would also like to join, if you would take a chance on me. My in game name is:

I don’t even know if capitalization matters?

A nice, strife free world would be great after the drama I just went through.

Hope you say yes!

You’re good to join, I’m not strict with who joins, I just want to know who’s who so I can make sure stuff like griefing is easy to track down. I’ll whitelist you now.

Thanks Raidmaster! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Update on some server goals, I want to get the following things eventually done.

1: Make a set of chests with every item in the trade portal for use upon request.
2: Make a free housing complex with large rooms (maybe 7x11 or so) for every single player.
3: Make a greenhouse for trees and not just basic crops.

If anyone has some ideas as to how we can achieve each of these or if they want to help, just let me know.

The above is a potential idea for an affordable apartment complex. The paint only needs yellow dye, which is easy to get as long as we have mangoes. Additions and changes may be made along the way. Apartments will be free to all members, with a maximum of 1 per person.

Also, here’s the Discord link: Humble Hamlet

What’s that section on the right for? Is it going to be some sort of elevator shaft?

Maybe you should separate the apartments into two floors with different rooms. :slight_smile:

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That could work! The part on the right is meant to be a ladder/elevator shaft. Considering that we’re currently not super advanced in terms of resources, it’ll be a ladder.

I’ll submit a redesign once I have one. I’m keeping the general dimensions since I want these to be able to keep anyone well sheltered for a good period of tine.

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Okay, thanks for telling me!

ok thanks


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• Where did you want to place the greenhouse? To the right of spawn before the area for businesses?

• Should we have 2 greenhouse buildings then? One for fruit trees, pine and maple? And the 2nd for crops?

• How about we put carrots on the ground floor so that when donkeys spawn who ever wants to ride them can get out easily and put them back in (when returning) easily. Like a donkey stables. Or will animals be a 3rd building?

• Should we leave space for future Humble Hamlet Rail below ground or above in the sky? What’s your preference?

I would love to help with the greenhouse building. I’d be glad to help build around spawn. Just give me instructions. Tell me where to build. What materials should be used? Brick to go with the other bldgs? Also it won’t catch fire if we need to heat it up.

We’re all building this from scratch, right? Let me know your plan and I’ll try to help build it.

I’ve just gotten back to spawn. I see the crops building has already been started. And the rail is underground. :blush:

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Hi, thanks for your interest! Sorry for the late reply.

Railroad will eventually be moved deep underground once we need one. A tree greenhouse will be made on the left probably 40 wide, since it’s way flatter there. Everything’s being built from scratch, so all help is very appreciated!

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Hello Raidmaster, I’ve got 2 proposals for you below. Just say yes or no. It’s not a problem either way.

Proposal 1: May I shift the Crops Greenhouse to the left so that the right side wall won’t be crooked because of the brick stairs leading to the Pizza House? I’ve moved the left wall already (see pic below for your approval/ disapproval). But since I can’t pick up doors, ladders and windows, you’ll have to do the following:

  • Move the ladders 1 block to the left
  • Move the trapdoors 1 block to the left
  • Remove the left side’s door (I’ve already placed a new one aligned with the new left side wall).
  • Move the rightmost windows to the leftmost spot. Alternatively, you could choose to remove all the windows. For light, I’ll replace the stone backwalls with glass backwalls and add more oil lanterns. The lack of windows will prevent frost from forming. Half the tomatoes have already died twice while I was playing. I’ve added fires underneath them.

Other Notes:
I’ve planted carrots (3 of them) and sunflowers (2 of them), they’re sharing the top floor. Should we add another floor above so they can each have their own? Or will this do? The chillies didn’t survive the frost so I planted them in the new basement floor without windows and I’ve put fires underneath.
I think we have all the basic crops now.

Proposal 2: What do you think about an ice-making floor? I could put it on top of the Crop Greenhouse where it’s high enough (colder). We can put just 1 pail of water, then when it freezes we can harvest all the ice. I’d put the ice in the Pizza House storage chest to later melt for water. Is that a water storage area on the right side of the Pizza House?

So, say yes or no to any of these. It’s easy enough to put things back the way they were if you want. Not a problem. Lemme know.

Your friendly Hamlet Builder,
Mikachoo :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Mikachoo, thank you so much for all of the effort you’ve put into this stuff.

Regarding the extra floor on the greenhouse, that sounds good (although it shouldn’t be topped off). The current height isn’t an intended maximum, I just ran out of compost. I think it would be good if we made furnaces (maybe 2 or 3 per higher floor) so the crops are subject to more heat and we can therefore fit more food in the same tower. Regarding changing up the greenhouse, I actually wanted to extend the 4 compost section back to the right and create a ladder for the pizza place. An old player edited that and it’s always bothered me a little.

In regards to water; yes, the pizza place has a water splitter. You are more than welcome to use the method you described, I just like using that little basin for making food.