Recently picked it back up after a few years and I think I might have found a new or lesser known feature! While trying to tame sharks I’ve bred in a relatively small tank so injuries were constant but due to the tank being built in the air where weather still affects it it froze over and slowed my progress so I invested in campfires and realized that it not only prevented my health from dropping fast and far but also restored it! Hydrotherapy is created with a closed off area of any size accompanied by about 4-9 camfires which obviously should increase in number the larger your hydrotherapy tank is. The water should vaporize like when near magma and any injured blockhead should remain submurged until health is restored and of course be wary of oxygen levels.
(personal favorite I’ve used so far)


Welcome Z!

Yes yes… this is a feature known by many blockheads enthusiasts. Though it is quite remarkable for you to have personally discovered this feature naturally. :slight_smile:


It comes in handy when you’re low on health.