Hyper Custom Rules

So I had an idea for a server where bread was the only food available. It all seemed like a good plan, but then I remembered that making flour requires linen, and linen requires flax. But if people have flax seeds, they don’t need to craft all the stuff to make bread.

So what if server owners had the power to control every aspect of the server, such as removing linen from the flour recipe?

Hyper custom rules would allow that. Using these rules, you can remove certain blocks from naturally generating in the world, or replace those blocks with different block. Let’s say you like iron but hate red marble. You could make iron blocks spawn where red marble is supposed to spawn.

These settings can also change the fundamentals of the game. You can change how many hand hits it takes to kill a scorpion, how many hand hits of damage it does every time it attacks, how fast it is, you can even make it climb up walls and open doors! It’s not just enemies, because as I mentioned before, it can edit crafting recipes, adding bench upgrades, or straight up changing the purpose of an item. For example, you can make it so that jetpacks can’t fly, but wearing one increases mining speed.

These would be great for making expert servers even more insane, making special challenges, or just making a mode not as hard as expert but harder then survival. But anything that involves TC can’t be changed.

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But I understand that this game isn’t making revenue, and even if it was, an update like this would require insane amounts of coding.

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I would love a dedicated gamemode just for a slightly harder vanilla experience.

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That seems so cool! Maybe add a code like the menu when you make a custom world and it gives you options to have a flat, quite flat, mountainous terrain except instead of terrain generation, it’d be a menu of disabling and enabling items. Although I do see that it’ll take a lot of code to eliminate certain crafting recipes and modify them.