I am changing my forum name


For those out there who are using Sunnyperson or @sunnyperson this may soon change.

I had requested another name change just recently meaning Sunnyperson as my name is being retired.

I am going by a new name “TheAllMightyNewb” or maybe “Newbbey:P”. But I am not leaving.

You can still @ me although with the new forum name instead. :slight_smile:

I just needed to put this out there so no threads are going to surface of “where’s Sunnyperson”

But you can still refer to me as sunny :smiley:


I’m probably still going to call you sunnyperson just by habit. I’m sorry. :joy: Hope thats okay with you.


I rather like calling you Sunny :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe by habit. If I don’t call you Newb please don’t get offended I just like saying Sunny better :joy:


I understand. You’ll get used to it over time


I planned to change my name several times. But being yourself is the most favorable change you can do to yourself. I agree with you :slight_smile: As long as you feel that’s right for you, you can go right ahead. I suggest you wait a week or two to think about it as you will be stuck without another name for 1 year. :wink:

Legoboy > sunnyperson > theallmightynewb


You can change you’re name if you like but if you are you. You can keep the name.

When I started the forum I went as leo_theblockhead but changed it to Sunnyperson.

Then in March or something I changed it to legoboy70y and then changed it to legoboy70

Then in August I changed back to Sunnyperson.

Now I am changing again.


I seriously don’t wanna call you that. :sob:


Just call me sunny then


Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.


I’m actually thinking if changing my name too, maybe to LilDodo, but idk.


Which forum username do you like. and be honest, Please do not vote because you want too but i do understand a lot may like one or the other :lying_face:


  • Like it
  • Hate it

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I have a hard time remembering names and users… If you change your user, will you maybe leave something saying that you are Sunnyperson in the “About Me”, please? I don’t want to mistake you for a new user…

Just something like, “I am TheAllMightyNewb, also known as Sunnyperson.” That’d be helpful, probably not just for me… :stuck_out_tongue:


The Transformation to noobality is finished! i am now TheAllMightyNewb!

Also you are not supposed to hate on a user and like the other one as that is not fair :frowning:


Shall we host a funeral for Sunnyperson?
2016 (I think?)- 2018
He shall be missed.


I just met this dude , I won’t mistake him . :joy:


Just a reminder that it was my decision and I chose to do this. If you don’t like it I can totally respect it but this could be permanent.