I am looking to buy rare unknowns

If you have rare unknowns, preferably ones that show unused item textures tell me a server we can transact on, name your price, and I might buy them, good for if you need coins or have curruptionfhobia.

I have a blockhead head, and a time crystal.
Do you want one?

-The BEST mage ever

I’ll buy the time crystal where are u gonna sell it to me and how much is it.

I want a time crystal. Please PM me and I will grant you admin rights.

I have a friends in mgn who has some and are willing to sell.

-portals unknown
-wheel unknown
-to here unknown

Which mgn server, I plan on making an unkown market server.

10 stacks of platinum
Cause it was given to me by calumon, plus it’s an unknown from 1.5
Why not on my server, Rbs titanic?

-The BEST mage ever

I will give you 11 stacks.

I will dupe it and give it back.

Come to Planet X and I will provide you a Blue Portal chest.

PM me here if I am not online.

Rather not have duped items…
Also, diamond knight asked first

-The BEST mage ever

I have, nohing(air unknown) clocks, stone pick, sapphire, amethyst portal, exclamation mark, question mark, and much more. I will hand all of them over for a huge price of Ruby portals emerald portals etc.

Some admin tore up my spawn for some stupid itunes card which he never got.

Deal, I’ll start crafting fuel to sell.

And mrcow name the exact price and where the transaction will take place.

Edit: Got the moola spaceman, I remembered my duped diamond stash.

I had the nothing once, but I didn’t recognize it as an unknown at the time. I got rid of it because it’s not really something you can display - it just makes it so you can’t place something else where it’s taking up space.

This is a great idea.

Wouldn’t that cause lag? I thought unknowns were bad, laggy things? Well, I don’t have any experience with them.

I want that time crystal item. Name the price. 20 stacks of pcs.

Yes, but not on other people’s worlds. The point is that worlds not belonging to the unknown traders should not be affected by this trade.

I already have a deal with diamond knight
(Plus I already told you… he asked first)

-The BEST mage ever

How do you make unknown items?

And I have an Iron Boots unknown item.

you dont make them. they appear in your inventory at random.

i know in 1.5 there was a REALLY complicated way to get unknown stone pickaxes, but i dont know if it still works.

i have a few blockhead unknowns (the one you see when you click on the “warp in a new blockhead” icon)

I wish I knew how to make Unknowns. ( but I don’t wanna MAKE them).