I can do html if server is in need of one

I enjoy using Html and if you have a new server or old and need of Wm I can make it for you. I won’t need admin as I can just send the html to you and you can paste it in. Just message me here of what you want and how you want it :3

This needs to be moved to the “Multiplayer” category if you’re looking for any builders or somebody to do your welcome message. Best of luck!

Oh thank you, I didn’t really know what to put it under, lol

@KP7 might be willing to help you.

Oh wait I am doing wm for people, sorry just though about it but how would i word it to sound like I am trying to help people with there wm?

Sorry I didn’t mean to reserve help but to give I am very sorry

Sorry, I misread the original post.

your perfectly fine, I’ll try to word it better :slight_smile:

Thanks, but just for future reference, I am no longer working on WMs. I am working on other projects now.