I can’t get in to my server, I think it’s because of this

Does anyone know how to fix this

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Is that a Mac server?

No, I created it on my phone

think it’s a cloud server
and they meant they downloaded the log.txt file from the owner portal

I’ve been looking at the log and found this image
I still can’t get in (not complaining just something I noticed and wondering if he was actually able to get in) Can’t get into my server - YouTube

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Don’t think I’ve ever seen something like this happen

image it happened again

Think this is related to this?

Changed the server name in an attempt to get people who try to get on to see what I think is the reason is happening, but when I see it it’s still the original name unless you search the server March 17, 2022 - YouTube

Still can’t get in, thought it could be someone put it as a time thing since it happened twice, unless I did it at the wrong time, also I made a new server and now I can’t get into that one

http://theblockheads.net/join.php?id=f7fbccc353c5195cb26523463c42f174&name=CACTUS%20DREAMS%203 working on the discord, will open it when i think it’s ready or I’m on
Anyone I’ve met on any server is most likely to be whitelisted already Taotao83464's server