I cant download the Blockheads


Hey blockheaders,

I recently shared this problem and havent solved it yet.
I reuploaded the video and here is the link

If anyone knows how to solve this, please reply

I’m really need help to install the game !!

I can’t download blockheads

hmm no error message huh…try loggin again
PS.can anyone merge this to the old topic?

  1. Do you have enough space on your device?

  2. Have you tried waiting a bit after you tapped on the redownload icon?

  3. Did you click the button hard enough?


Won’t iOS prompt the user there is not enough space to download?

  1. I still have 200 plus gg left

2.tried it almost everyday
3. I wanted to smash the screen not the button


Have you tried restarting your device?


Try log in in the settings


Have you tried downloading the app through purchased apps?


@serendipity yes, multiple times

@Zen tried logging in and out. But it still doesn’t work

@WumboJumbo what do u mean ?

Should I @ milla for help ?


I think a factory reset is the only option here…


Yeah, that’s probably the only solution.


Have you tried hooking it up to a PC/laptop with iTunes and using that?


I suggest contacting Apple support. This appears to be an App Store issue, rather than a problem with the game.

Before you do that check in your disk usage to see what you have in the way of Blockheads app or data stored there. It may be that it hasn’t been fully uninstalled, or you have a failed installation from before.


I don’t want to do so…


Try restarting your device
(Turning it off then back on again)


I tried to reinstall blockheads but it does not work when I try to download it.

Here is the video

Video here


The video doesn’t work.


As always


@WumboJumbo @Zen

Might work now !


still processing lol