I cant download the Blockheads


If you have the app you can try to save the video


no worries i can wait


Still processing.


Yes, Google says it’s still processing the video. YouTube is your best bet for videos, especially if you’re a Google user already. Drive is lousy for videos :slight_smile:

BTW, which store are you trying to download it from, and what is the device you’re trying to download to?


Platform : IOS
Device: 2018 Ipad


I have fixed the video, fingers crossed it should work now


Do you mean operating system?


Technically it’s both a platform and operating system, as iOS and Android use different frameworks to run games.

To my knowledge, this is what makes it a platform. Of course, there is the wider scope of mobile devices in general, but I think since the Android version is a port of the iOS version, that either one can be considered a platform, since platforms are usually distinguished by different versions of the same game/software running on different hardware and software.

In short, yes. But it is also a platform. This might be utterly false because I’m going entirely off personal deduction.

I have also now just realized I contributed nothing to the discussion. ;-;


I’ve seen it. That’s a strange problem.


I can’t download blockheads, I don’t know how I am going to play the game. Is there any solution ?


Have you tried to log out with your Apple ID and then to log on again? You could also create a new Apple ID, I‘m also using two :+1:t3: It‘s just a little annoying to switch between them :neutral_face:


Still can’t see the video… :cry:
Have no idea what is the problem but…maybe try rebooting?


Just download it. It’ll work that way.
Edit: the video.
Apple’s support page:


The first post has the video on YouTube.


I have some apps that I have offloaded on my phone to save space. To reload them I just tap on the icon on my phone and it downloads again.

Try finding the Blockheads icon with the cloud on top and tapping it.


You can also make it do that automatically in Settings, though I wouldn’t recommend it because when I had it it was offloading stuff that I wasn’t using at least twice daily, which just got infuriating.


I still can’t download the app…


Have you contacted Apple support about this?

Edit: Could you please post a screenshot of your Blockheads storage information, if it’s there?

Settings App > General > iPhone Storage > The Blockheads

It should look similar to this, if it’s there:


I don’t even have the app…


Off-topic, but I can’t ever download apps back once I’ve off-loaded them. They just sit there, loading, forever.