I cant download the Blockheads


Really I have never had a problem. I do it all the time with apps that are not needed. I load a lot of education related stuff for my job and off load it afterwards. I get it back as needed and never have a problem. They aren’t apps with a lot of data attached. The offloading is supposed to save all your data for the app. I wonder if the apps with a lot of data like Blockheads are having difficulty. This might be something that needs to be reported to Apple support. Clearly it is a problem with their offloading feature.


Here’s a thought: do you have any data limits? Sometimes providers will slow your internet speeds if you’ve gotten close to or gone over your limit, causing havoc when trying to download or watch videos.

If so, maybe try going to a place with (good) free Wi-Fi will help.



Maybe that’s it. I offload apps that take up a lot of storage — iMovie, YouTube, etc. — until I need them.

Trying to get back iMovie. I’ll let you know of it’s progress later.


Wow okay so it’s done. I swear it’s never done this before…


Have you contacted Apple yet?

I’m aware you don’t have the app, but is your device? Did you check your storage?


@milla I might not have to @ you but I’m replying to two people at once. I can find the app in the App Store but there is no trace of the data on my device. It is not in my strorage. I went to apple support the other day and they said to ‘turn on and off my device’ it still didn’t work. The will arrange another appointment some day.

@serendipity I have ‘decent’ wifi


well internet speed should not determine if the app cannot be download…its just the speed of the download
I think I saw you have enabled Virtual Private Network (VPN),mind turning that off and try download again?


Tried but it still doesn’t work


Cool. Definitely go back to Apple. They always start with the reboot suggestion. I often do so myself, as a large proportion of such issues are solved this way. When it doesn’t help however they need to know about it, or they’ll assume the problem is solved.