I can't find any drop bears?!

True story I was on my world when I found mega amounts of carrots a few trees with mangos and later a plant with a red pepper on it I (of course) got it all and a few weeks before I recently did a reckless journey east of my spawn point I got very far found tin ore and copper but i ended up going back to prepare more wisely. Anyway after the pepper I kept going west and I found a ocean and it just happened to be nighttime and I saw the stars going down and I knew that I was near a equator pole!!! And I decided to do a around-the-world trip and get all the items! And I wanted to make a full fur coat set and I can’t find any drop bears!! Heres a pic from my recently acquired camera :slight_smile: it may not seem like there’s any trees but if I uploaded more you would see the point

Guys this is off topic but I think you guys should see this…


They usually climb on Pine trees, i reccomend going around the world untill you find some pinecones to plant back at your house, after waiting awhile, just keep planting them and you should eventually see a drop bear near the top of one of the trees.

Admins may I also use this topic to discuss my adventure? Cause guys the stars were moving directly south and I went west from where I found the peppers across a body of ocean with boats and I came across land I kept going and I stumbled across THIS!!! The sunset skirt of happiness! and here’s a close up at the design of it so if somebody finds this design they know they are at a pole! admins this is a guide to show players what these things are like and it’s also a log so players can view the adventure too and I really want other players to see this! And lucky me cuz I found some beans to make coffee with here’s and some grew right next to this pole!

Grow lots of pine trees, bears spawn randomly with them

Ok thanks can someone move this somewhere… Official? Thanks for the tips but I just really want people to see this topic and I’ve got more news I came across the South Poles Pole! Here’s a pic anybody enjoying this so far? Plz comment!

Alrighty I found the east pole and gotten the sunrise hat of fullness as always here’s a pic!

i hope people are reading this topic… I’ll head for the North Pole next! Then head home and plan my next adventure!

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I’m sorry can I ask some admin to move this? I know my posts are off topic but where can I put this nobody will look at it…

Yes I know that’s why I asked if some admin can move this somewhere where people would see it and um I’ve got more I found the North Pole…

and here’s me at home…
and me with all of my current blockheads…
the one the left is Apollo he’s the one I used to go around my world and the other one is Ventus he sat home and meditated I got a cherry and ruby out of it that’s the important stuff…

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If you want to share photos see the Photos thread, stickied at the top in General Discussion.

Hey, this recently happened to me. I traveled around half the world, from the west equator to the North Pole and never saw one drop bear. I got really frustrated. Then, I realized I was still in tutorial mode (it was a weird glitch where it wouldn’t let me get past crafting the flint machete). So I exited my game and restarted the tutorial, then I skipped it. Drop bears began spawning immediately and everywhere, haha. Hope this helps

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It probably would’ve been helpful nine years ago! :lol:

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hmmm 9 years later