I can't play blockheads

When I press blockheads app to play, all it does is have a white screen and it’s been happening for a few days now I’ve tried, powering off then back on and deleting the app and then downloading it and I have no other idea what this could be? If anyone could help.
Here’s a screenshot:

im not an expert here, but contacting milla and other staff to help is your best option

Oh dear, never delete the app in an attempt to fix, you’ll just lose your stuff. :frowning:

Tentative @milla

However, if you’re using an android device, you might want to switch the topic’s category to #bugs-glitches-android and contact Noodlecake, which is responsible for that version of the game and see if they have any solutions. I think this has been some kind of recurring problem for Android.

Lasagna support ticket

This might not help, but did you try waiting for about 2 minutes or so? This tend to happen to me as well and just waiting it out usually works.

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The game might just be having trouble loading did you have any other applications open ? (For example things you just closed out of and didn’t go to a menu that allows to swipe right or left

Moved the thread to #bugs-glitches-android

Okay, thank you.

I’ve seen a couple of other reports about this in the mail queue and referred them to Noodlecake. It seems to have started with their last update. It’s definitely worth contacting them about this. The more people who do, the more likely it is to get fixed :slight_smile:


I have an Apple device and so I don’t know if this will help, but if I have any other applications open that requires lots of signal sometimes I might experience my game being slow and not loading. It also may be partially due to internet.

This depends on how much RAM your device has.

No not necessarily more of space not RAM


Common knowledge for me don’t got much proof for it RAM essiential is for having multiple things Running at once like listening to music or YouTube not much about apps you forgot to close close

They have other applications open though.

Doesn’t Mean there actually running

Backgrounding an app generally means something is either paged to storage or is using active memory. There’s no way to know which is the case as an end user though. The safest bet when wishing to keep RAM free is to force close all other apps, as some apps remain active when backgrounded, and may even use your network connection.

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How is everyone that is currently playing even able to play right now? I just redownloaded this game after a few years and every time I open the game I just get a blank white screen that freezes my phone. I started playing back before jet packs and sharks and whatnot. I LOVED this game, played it everyday, sometimes all day. I would love to be able to do that again but it’s just not happening for me…

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Wait a few minutes or so until the white screen fixes itself.

I have literally sat there and waited over 10 minutes before. It’ll either stay white or my phone will give me a pop up saying that BH is not responding and offer to close out the app.

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I have apple it’s not like that