I can't update to 1.7!


You get it. I can’t update.

I was really, really, not wanting this to happen. WHAT DO I DO!?!?!?! My sister hardly lets me to play on her phone. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Did you refresh your updates?

Also, I’m pretty sure this isn’t a bug and doesn’t belong in this category.


Buy a new phones Or device


Welcome to my life… My phone is too old. :disappointed_relieved:


No, something has happened like this to another player that plays on the chromebook! I’m in despair!


What are you using? if it’s an apple product, what IOS?


Android, N23 Levono Chromebook. (It’s meant for school, but oh well)


Are you sure that apps can be downloaded on a school computer? There are setting so students won’t be able to get applications. Also, the chromebook might be too old.


Oh, this is my own chromebook, I just bring it to school. But hey, TBH still works right now! I just can’t update! And now I’m kinda in a an awkward position; I can’t uninstall TBH either. Just says,
“Your device isn’t compatible with this version.”


It’s probably too old like my iPhone


I just got it at the beginning of the year. That answers it.


Noooo… But getting a phone is still so far away…


Like I said, welcome to my life. We are in the same boat.


Yeah, I guess. Now this reeeaaalllly sucks. The only thing I want is pets! And my big sister hardly lets me watch her play it! My life is ruined. Like, completely.


Now you wish they didn’t update it? Right? Because you can no longer play on servers on 1.6.3 anymore.

(Let’s start a rebellion against dave)


Oh, this is a home chromebook, though I probably won’t do that. And @Chase_Ravenclaw, really?!?!?!? Let me check.


I guess I won’t. But seems like I won’t be play TBH properly in 10 years… WHY??? WHY??? My heart is shattered to pieces!


Mine too buddy, mine too.

(Pats you on back)


Nope. Too expensive. Plus, my Mum said that I didn’t need one anyway, which I don’t execpt when it comes to TBH.


How about we gather all the players who can’t get 1.7, and do something about it.