I can't update to 1.7!


Mine too buddy, mine too.

(Pats you on back)


If you can’t get a phone. Does your chromebook have a touch screen?


Nope. Too expensive. Plus, my Mum said that I didn’t need one anyway, which I don’t execpt when it comes to TBH.


How about we gather all the players who can’t get 1.7, and do something about it.


Does it have a touch screen?


Sure! @SHAHMMM, just reminding you, see the post above.


Yes or no?


Aand, that’s a no… :expressionless: This is the worst day of my li-i-ife…


No touch screen? Blockheads is pretty useless on it. Unless you really wanna play.


Oh, yes, that’s true. No zoom out, no tilting= no riding on anything!


So what do we do about it?


They could add button in the corner for zooming in and out. But unlikey.


I’ll make a post, later on, to gather all the 1.7less people, make something happen… idk. @SHAHMMM, yes, I really agree. And something for tilting.


I will do it right now.



1.7-less people. GATHER!

Why don’t you use your Huawei phone or galaxy tab mentioned in your 'about me section?


If you just want to play on a 1.6 server:

IP: block.wingysam.xyz
Port: 15199


I think the hardware is just too weak …C’mon its chromebook…not a gaming PC. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Samsung Galaxy Tab was a previous device, and the Huawei Phone is my sister’s, and she wants me to count it, so, yeah.


it’s not the hardware so much as the web store providing it
Just like how some amazons could handle 1.7, but they are all cut off

I think it is due to the lack of market to be found in Cromebooks

Funny because the d pad would be perfect for riding in 1.7