I can't update to 1.7!


Sure! @SHAHMMM, just reminding you, see the post above.


Aand, that’s a no… :expressionless: This is the worst day of my li-i-ife…


Oh, yes, that’s true. No zoom out, no tilting= no riding on anything!


So what do we do about it?


I’ll make a post, later on, to gather all the 1.7less people, make something happen… idk. @SHAHMMM, yes, I really agree. And something for tilting.


I will do it right now.



1.7-less people. GATHER!

Why don’t you use your Huawei phone or galaxy tab mentioned in your 'about me section?


If you just want to play on a 1.6 server:

IP: block.wingysam.xyz
Port: 15199


I think the hardware is just too weak …C’mon its chromebook…not a gaming PC. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Samsung Galaxy Tab was a previous device, and the Huawei Phone is my sister’s, and she wants me to count it, so, yeah.


it’s not the hardware so much as the web store providing it
Just like how some amazons could handle 1.7, but they are all cut off

I think it is due to the lack of market to be found in Cromebooks

Funny because the d pad would be perfect for riding in 1.7


So sorry you can’t update it:frowning:
If you ever can.
I hope you can get it as soon as possible


Relax bro can u give your device specs? The version platform and etc.


Oh, just don’t bother. Noodlecake actually didn’t plan to let people plat TBH on chromebooks; it was too hard to program it, but they did it anyway. But hey, they’re ditching us now!


Have you tried downloading the apk? Sometimes the play store gives you that message even when you are compatible with the app.


No, and I probably might not…


They do it on Chrombooks, but not Kindle fire?!


I agree they should do it on kindle fire!!!


While it’s still not officially supported, we heard enough people disappointed that they could no longer play on chromebooks or using bluestacks, so we took out the touchscreen requirement on 1.7.1 :wink:

You’ll be able to download the game on those devices again. Note that we don’t plan to spend any time fixing functionality issue of playing on those devices. You still won’t be able to zoom or do anything that requires multitouch or accelerometers.

1.7.2 already?