I can't update to 1.7!


Thank you! So does that mean that this will come out in 1.7.1…? Because that would be awesome! Thanks! But at the moment it seems like I can’t undertake any actions when it comes to uninstalling or update it.


This is great to hear from you and from others android user. We’re doing all our best to be android updates will get better and fast as Ios :wink:


You’re part of the team too? Oooh… Nice!


Yeah, really thankful I’m the one who chooses too but there’s other I meant lots people applying and a lot of them didn’t choose to feel sad but its okay. After year’s playing this game I can be a AndroidTester too :slight_smile: but not years in this community half months I think.


So you could get ahead of everyone else… Lucky! The best thing that could happen to me would probably to be a beta tester… Athough for Majic Dave to give an inspirational speech for NZ’s future game creators at our school, that would be even more awesome. I mean, it’s just a 4 and a half hour drive and only an hour’s flight from Auckland!


@SHAMMM! You reminded me, so I checked TBH in the play store! It should work now, @NoodlecakeDerek and @noodlecake_ben fixed it! You should ask them for help…

That’s him earlier in this thread. I hope it works for you. :confused: But mine still has some issues; it just quit by itself and I still can’t press the buttons at the top when an ad isn’t present.


That’s odd… Though I’m still having some issues with the issues I had before the update, everything changed! Basically, yes. Stuff disappeared and things replaced it… I mean, I have 5 different benches and they all turned into workbenches!


Did 1.6 work on your chromebook? We released 1.7.2 last Thursday and we put the device requirements back to what they were in 1.7.2. Like I said, we aren’t officially supporting chromebooks, so there isn’t much for me to do to help you if it’s not showing up, but if 1.6 worked on your device then 1.7.2 should now be available for download as well.


Did 1.6 work on your Chromebook though? Sorry! We put the device requirements back to what there were for 1.6 :confused: