I cant watch ads for TC to get TC, why?

image I cant watch ads for tc cause theres no ads.

Dont mind the volume down lol

How long have you waited for a new offer to appear?

I believe thats common, sometimes there are no ads available, not sure why, then next day they show up again.

6 months, no ads

Are you connected to the internet?

This might explain why.


Oh. Thanks

Are you on Android?

I believe ads don’t work at all on Android.

Yeah, that might explain why. Google Play Services no longer work with the game.

You can see the Apple volume adjust menu thingy


Ah good point. the ads are provided by a 3rd party and, as Milla said, country/market specific. So I assume there is some disconnect with the regional provider. I don’t think there’s anything Dave or Milla can do to fix that.

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Yep. I am

I haven’t been able to watch ads for free time crystals for a week. The watch button is there but whenever i press it, no ads are shown. How can I fix it? I have an iPad mini and iOS 9.3.5
Edit: I have tried turning my cell phone off and on, but it doesn’t work.


Are you running the latest version of the game? It might have to do with the fact that your iPad mini cannot run the latest version of iOS.

@jemnidad might have the answer to your issue though. :slight_smile:

yeah, it could be an iOS problem with the ad provider. Or something else related to your region. I just watched an ad, but I’m in the US on the latest iOS on my iPhone 8.

Yes, I have the latest version of the game. I have seen in other posts that some people have had a similar problem: they are shown the text “No offers available. Check again soon!” But I’ve never seen someone with my exact same problem. I guess I’ll be checking constantly, maybe in some days, weeks or months I will be able to watch ads again. Meanwhile, I would like to know if there are more people with the same problem, or if someone know how to fix it.

Try downloading a VPN and change your location to the US.

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