I don't know what else to do. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

I have done every thing that I could think of. I also achieved all the achievements. Now I don’t know what else to do. Can you give me any suggestions? TIA

explore the entire world


Play on a #multiplayer server! :slight_smile:

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•Challenge yourself to do some kind of pixelart, big or small
•get all breeds of dodos/donkeys/unicorns
•make one of each mob your pet, including a troll

Keep us updated on your goals and progress - we wanna see! ^-^


Like the whole sky and underground?!? hopefully a 1/16 world…

Quit the game and delete the app.
There’s absolutely nothing further to see here.

Ok that was a satirical joke😂

There is always more to do in Blockheads!
I’ve been playing this game since Jan 2013 and still have new ideas. I’ve run over a half dozen successful servers one of which is a historical treasure of the game.

There is so much more to the game than just crafting every object or completing every achievement. Here are just a tiny few ideas:

  • Create a 1/16x vanilla world for the sole purpose of harvesting pole items and bringing to other worlds with a Portal Chest.

  • Play with the custom server settings to create a world with no oceans or a world entirely of ocean.

  • Hop around from multiplayer server to server. Try using the search setting “survival” to get on worlds that allow portal chests and then try to create one on that world.

  • Create your own personal “Vault” vanilla world to store all your items and treasures from other vanilla worlds!

  • Craft all 148 paint colors

  • Breed dodos to get all 32 egg types

  • Create shops to sell your eggs and paints

  • Breed Donkeys to evolve them to Unicorns. Go for the ultimate Unicorn - The Rainbow Uni!

  • Craft Titanium armor and a sword and become a total bad*** at PvP!

And literally thousands of other possibilities.

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Oh man, on a server I used to have a shop that sold eggs.

Since I lost main vanilla world, I lost all the eggs I used to have and now it’s just a painful process to build it up again!

It was a successful shop too. Each day I put down eggs, they were Always all sold out the next time I logged in.