I feel like the blockhead is to lagg


I fell like back years ago the sever use to not be lagg like I get kick out by lag in a lot of sever I wish blockhead can make it less lagged and I hate how it money to buy wolrd I lost wolrd and not all of we ppl get money :pleading_face: I not know about me but I sure miss the old day of blockhead I forgot how lone I be playing I think now 3 to 4 year I not sure ik I was youn but I lot more older but I miss some people and I remember a wolrd call help it was a big one but my old wolrd I miss the most it was call build:smiley: you dram by mr water or I think by Jackson but I sure miss it but my new name is GUSS THIS MOVIE​:rofl:


Not really, the server I see you play the most in (Starlight skies 4) is just really laggy, I’m not sure why but it could be due to the amount buildings the server needs to load in or there’s an issue with the server codes


I’m so confused…


Not all servers are laggy…


How do you know I play that sever?:joy:


SS4 is notorious for lag


Because they’ve seen you play there @mrWalter99.