I found 2 cave trolls considerably close to each other

Ok so, I found these cave trolls, is this rare or something? I honestly didn’t know they could spawn this close to each other.


Personally, I’ve never found two so close. I’d like to think they’re besties

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(post deleted by author because the server is not online and its survival.)

i have absolutely no idea what the seed is. if you know how to find it please tell me

They can actually spawn right next to each other. :slight_smile:

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wow! what a lucky find!! i’ll keep looking and see if this world has any other cool things to offer :slight_smile:

wait this is survival :man_facepalming:

I remember I once found 2 right beside each other, unfortunately that was years ago and I don’t have a cool photo to provide.

Yeah, same here… :frowning:

The coolest Cave Troll find I’ve seen was one standing on a Tc block.

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Wait that’s rare?! I thought that was standard! Here’s a cave troll I found (environment untouched) image
I never knew they spawned with TPs as well.
I also found two tc blocks near him and a diamond