I found a interesting trade portal

I found a trade portal that was green.
The bottom of the trade portal is nothing when you put it in stone
It only can be placed on stone

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Probably a modified relic that people have duped.


Congratulations! You are now the owner of a sick-looking trade portal. Keep it or throw it away. Do anything you want to do with it! Heck, it’s yours.


That is definitely a modified trade portal.


It looks cool


yeah, basically any item that can’t be painted can be painted through modification, when you tap on the portal block to access its GUI it won’t let you paint it, so there’s only one way to do this and of course… that’s by having it done the illegitimate way, if you want to call it that

honestly no harm in not keeping it but no harm in getting rid of it, if you’re on a server that doesn’t allow these items i’d throw it away in any way possible or get it as far away as possible

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