I Found a way to go around the start up crash on Android 7


Alright so here me out.

I have only tested this 2 times and will test this again multiple times to verify if my idea is true.

If you enter the blockheads and are left with a white screen, exit the app, go back in, wait until the app says app not responding, and then leave the app, DO NOT CLOSE THE APP, but just go to another app, like messages, or google, spend atleast 10 seconds within the other app and then open up the blockheads tab again using the app viewer. if it does not work then turn off ur phone for 10 seconds and turn on.

This is still an experiment that has worked on 2 occasions right next to each other.

Hopefully this will work with Android 10, as I have an android 7 at the moment.

Edit: after further testing, this does not work 100% of the time.

Im pretty sure im spouting nonsense right now but it worked a couple times. lol

It work time to time and becomes stable and does not crash if you dont close the app. Im guessing this is a ram issue with my phone specifically since I only have 1 gb


That method would probably work better if you had more RAM. 1GB is nowhere near enough RAM for Android phones these days.

Yea, It is a bit slow. I am planning on getting a phone with 4gb instead.

the Motorola g Power is what Im looking at the moment.

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I have an android it just takes like 20 seconds to load up sometimes when I type on it it lags me out but that’s it :slight_smile: don’t have many problems with it

Alright, thanks. I have the same issue tbh. Im just gonna upgrade.

Which version of Android? I’ve stayed on five on my tablet, and Blockheads works fine on that.

Android 7. Its most likely due to me only having 1 gb of ram lol

I was asking Steven :slight_smile:

Oh sorry. Lol


Are your devices running their own distribution of Android? I wonder if that could be the difference…

I know the larger companies, like Sony, Huawei, and Samsung release their own builds.

Kinda off topic but, a
On Android 10 my devices can’t join a server, when welcome messages pop up the game freezes and then crashes

I use 1.7.2 version. it FIX the white screen. hope this help

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