I found Milla on an Anime server!


Milla was on this Anime server! I was lucky to find her! :smiley:


“Server is me”

Milla you got some serious explaining to do


She usually talks through owner portal in game, I’ve seen it many times when she has been online.


She can do that?


I’m serious, I want to know why milla wouldn’t use proper English.


Seems proper to me.

“Server” is the subject, and “is” is the verb. “Me” is the description.


You know what I mean…


I bet she wears anti-cringe glasses when she joins an anime server.


Don’t mind me, I’m looking at the Gorillaz and Homestuck avatars…


I like the new red profile photo border.


Milla for justice!


And I foundAsyc! image


Milla joined my server once.



When I met Dave in October. Cameos by ASYC, Erics Muffins, and the ore guy. (forgot, Ian?) Oh, and Jemni of course.


I don’t think I have ever seen milla, dave, or even asyc on the cloud. Not even on pixmilla.


I’ve seen all of the above.


On Unihorse


Is that persons yellow border the HD Moderator color??? Cuz I’ve never seen that before…


It’s for the owner of the server, and you don’t need HD textures on.


Oh, I wasn’t aware Dave changed that… Apparently I don’t play enough multiplayer these days!


I think milla was talking about how she was talking through the owner portal. When you talk through the owner portal, your name is “SERVER”. Say this happened:
SERVER: yo yo whaddup
And eveybody on the server is like whaaat so somebody says
ANIMELOVER999: who is server?
To clear up confusion, milla says
MILLA: server is me
…if that makes any sense. I hope it helped.