I found Milla on an Anime server!


Oh, I wasn’t aware Dave changed that… Apparently I don’t play enough multiplayer these days!


I think milla was talking about how she was talking through the owner portal. When you talk through the owner portal, your name is “SERVER”. Say this happened:
SERVER: yo yo whaddup
And eveybody on the server is like whaaat so somebody says
ANIMELOVER999: who is server?
To clear up confusion, milla says
MILLA: server is me
…if that makes any sense. I hope it helped.


I wouldn’t expect milla to say “yo yo whaddup?”.

If she ever says that, I’ll call the cops.


i would say milla had autocorrect on:
server is anime>>server is me
and maybe she forgot “is”


I can’t :joy: This was too funny


Cop:your under arrest @milla
Cops:for saying hi


I have never met milla asyc and dave on blockheads


Has anyone ever seen NoodleKing?
That is the Noodlecake super mod on TBH.


Not me.

Zhaus joined Rabbithole back in BlockServer though, I was not there.


Noodlecake probably only online in the beta app when he has to test something to fix it.


Shows what I know, I didn’t realise ASYC was so famous :joy::joy: I should have been fan girling and had no idea. :grin:


I’ve seen milla once and ASYC many times, although before she had her mystic red border. Never seen Dave in-game.