I found out how to bypass minimum 5 character limit

you can bypass the character limit, if somebody replies to this topic I’ll demonstrate it in the replies as to not double post

Please share

You’re not going to abuse it, right? :question:

I’ve known of it for ages now (and it’s very simple).


[bold] yes


A wizard!

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how do you do it?

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oh I thought you ment 5 blockhead character limit and that you could have like 10 blockheads in a world.


well you simply copy paste a blank unicode character. here’s a few for you:


highlight this and press ctrl c, you can press ctrl v to paste

on windows you can hold alt and press 0173 if you have a number pad


Is that for Windows and Chrome OS? What about macOS? :question:


This one is 3164



don’t do

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normally or you’ll be flagged for



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