I got banned. I need help

I’ve played Blockheads for a while, and one day I got back in and it said I was banned. I didn’t do much and I got banned, if I remember the last thing I did was help someone with their server.

Did it say you were banned from the cloud or a specific server? For a cloud ban, you need to contact Milla here on the forum, with a private message. She can check what happened.

For server bans, that can be anything from any mod or admin and there’s not much we on the forum can do. There are some servers with bad staff who might ban players at random for no reason. I would just avoid those types of servers because they will be fraught will problems.

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I’ll PM you.

Hasn’t this happened on multiple occasions? A few other players have been cloud banned randomly without misbehaving.

No, a few other players have claimed to have been cloud banned without reason. Ban reasons aren’t public, for good reason. I find it far more likely that anyone Milla banned was banned for a reason, and its up to her if they get a second chance.

I thought that was pretty obvious.

Using a VPN also sometimes shows that you are banned from the cloud