I have a little question concerning cave trolls


I thought cave trolls can’t spawn in previously explored territory.
But then I was on a friend’s server, digging near lava for gold. I found a cave and set up a little base near it, and then I saw something shiny down there. So I went and saw a ruby… but when I was one block away from the ruby everything flickered for a fraction of a second and a cave troll’s base loaded above me and I got kaboomed by a cave troll! Does this usually happen? Is it supposed to happen? WHAT IS HAPPENING?
But I think it might have been lagging maybe? Because I didn’t get hurt while going near the lava before the cave troll made it’s entrance.


Can you possibly take a screenshot of the area so we can get a better image of what’s happening, please?

I think what happened was that you didn’t fully explore it, so when you uncovered the fog next to the ruby, you discovered it.


That must’ve been shocking!


Lights flickering and suddenly the killer is right next to you! :scream:


Well my friend actually just took it all down. So I made a diagram.

The cave troll wasn’t actually that close to the tunnel but I had no space lol

Also what happened here—?


Oh wow! I have never seen that kind of glitch before.