I just made my first world and its coming along great! Cloud world: Lici’s Anime Rp

So I finally got a few bucks and decided to make a world, its an ocean world with a ton of sky islands, I made it this way so that maybe I could have like underwater towns and stuff. But anyway, I prefer it if only 16+ players went on it as most of the players on there are that age range. Anyway, it is called Lici’s Anime Rp, it has 59 days left and I will happily accept people that aren’t into anime as well. I would love if anyone could go on and make pixel art!!! thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

So because it was requested, here are the rules!

  1. be observant and notice things about others, if they dislike something don’t continue it
  2. if you dislike someone take the drama out of the server
    3)try not to be an dummy
    4)make sure to not say anything bad about someone in the server if the other person isn’t on it
    5)Don’t be dirty at all as this is a children’s game
    6)don’t break stumps
    7)don’t ask for mod nor admin
    8)Don’t spam
    9)no extreme cussing
    10)lets all have fun together!
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will give it a look

What are the rules?

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I’ll join and check it out :slight_smile:

update: it’s nice. Would be great if you could add the server rules here so other players can see :smiley:

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Sorry it took so long

It’s updated sorry for the wait

The theme underwater towns looks amazing

Don’t worry! it’s okay.

I apologize to any and all that have joined my world today as spawn has been flooded, we will quickly resolve this and move on, once again I apologize for the inconvenience.

aw man, that sucks! I see your server is doin very awesome! unfortunate how people take the time out of their lives to mess up or destroy somethin that doesn’t belong to them.

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While unfortunate it happens, and I may not understand why but what I do know is that all my server has to do is push through it, which we have. Thanks for the compliment though <3

If someone griefs your world I can roll it back to the latest or one older backup. The entire world would be rolled back, so maybe not always the best option, but an option nontheless :slight_smile:

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Oh thank you so much for the offer! If my world ever gets to that bad of a state(which I hope not) I’ll be sure to call on you for that.

Rule #3 is supposed to be ironic right? Right?!?


Yes I’m glad you noticed XD

By the way, unless you’d like this world set to private nobody should ever “be dirty”. We don’t permit that on our network. If you wish to engage in that kind of thing please take it off our systems.

Thanks for your feedback, that rule was just there for effect and I make sure no one is lewd on my server, it’s now updated