I lost my north pole hat in single player

hello I was playing block heads and I had 5 block heads, 1 of tem were gonna take the chest and I had my north pole hat inside it and I decided to take it at the last second. And it dissapeard, is there a way to get it back?

The chest disappeared?

no, the hat disappeared

Do you know if it degraded? Check the top of the north pole, and see if it’s there.

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Was the hat already used by any chance?

Sometimes depending if your in a vanilla or custom, they spawn back to the pole you found them at. Maybe you might be able to go there again and check.

thanks everyone for help I saw it was respawned!!! THANKS SO MUCHH!!

Special items now periodically respawn (since they now can wear out like any other item of clothing or armor) :slight_smile:

oh wait I also noticed other items respawn too, now I have a lot of them thanks guys!!