I lost the game

Yup, that’s right I just said i lost the game. You have to follow the game rules if you know what the game is!!

Those of you who don’t know about the game :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:
the game is something EVERYONE has to play that knows about it no exceptions!
rules of the game are, if you think about the game you have to announce that you lost!


I lost the end

Moved to #games. :slight_smile:

Did you make a alt account to like this post?

yea i don’t know how to delete my other acct XD

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You can’t, if you wanted a name change you could have just contacted milla.

Theres a way to change name in settings, but i forgot my password for a bit so i made a new one now i have nothing to do with the other

Is it possible for Milla to delete accounts?

Yes. According to discourse homepage, it’s possible to delete users. Idk about Milla being able to though, depends on the creator’s choice

@milla Are alt accounts allowed

Yes. (If you want a 28 day ban)

You can just request a password change…

Also I lost the game.

Thank you! for bringing us back on topic XD lets all just agree we lost the game and not talk about rulesssss or anything like that :joy::joy:

speaking of off topic, why do we cook bacon and bake cookies? And why are waffles so tasty?

I lost the game earlier today i was remembering it and I just remembered again


I lost the game.

You know what’s really funny about this game? Is the fact that nobody will ever win unless they cheat or never see this thread. But if they win, they can never post about them winning because then they will think about it and lose. And they will forget they even won! :laughing:

We will always browse the forums and see this thread and go, shoot! I lost again! When we go to bed each night we will remmeber the game…


I lost the game.
And I was winning, too! Until I saw this.

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It’s fine this time around. I’ve banned your other account. The correct procedure would be to do a password reset and PM me about account name changes. We don’t permit multiple accounts :slight_smile:

I lost the game again! :tired_face:

Dang it, i just lost again as well XD why did i ever create this thread