I Love My Blockhead Pals But


Blockheads Has To Be My #1 Favorite Game Right Now. I’ve Spent Hours Playing, Exploring, And Building. I Was A Little Sad When It Wouldn’t Let Me Make A Server. Something About Lower Updates. I Thought It Was Just A Bug Untill I Found Out 1.7 Was Out. I Couldn’t Wait To Update… But Then I Was Hit With The Fact It Won’t Update. I Own A Kindle Fire And Wanted The New Update SO BAD. After A Little Research, I Found Out It WasOnly Out For IOS And Android. I Know Exactly Why Too. But I Would Like To Ask If You’ll At Least Consider The Update For Kindle. It’s Something Me And My Family Have Been Wanting. If You Can, Please Do.
For Your Consideration - 1.7 Update For Kindle


Well it could mean that the software you are using is to old to receive updates like on a iPhone 4 they stoped getting updates when iPhone 6 came out and kindle runs from the google play store it should receive the updates bc what they mean by android is google play store users and apple store user for apples


It’s not out for kindles at all

But yea it’s sad we were affected by it too but I guess not enough people play on kindle to keep it going


Ok I don’t know if there’s a way to fix this in unless it was sent to kiddles


I Have A Kindle Fire HD 7


I put this thread into the Android support forum, because the suggestions forum is for Apple or cross-platform suggestions. All Android-specific suggestions may be sent to the Android developer, Noodlecake Studios.


But the Kindle runs a custom version of Android.


The Only Thing I Know Is It Won’t Update Bc It Was Created For Android And IOS


No, it’s not being updated, because there are not enough Amazon customers playing it, to make it worthwhile for Noodlecake to update it. It’s not just a matter of porting the Google Play build. All the IAP and advertising is different for a start. If you wish to request they review this then you need to contact them.

Amazon Fire users either need to also have an iOS or Google Play mobile device, or they have to play the older version as things are.


Have you tried this: https://www.lifewire.com/install-google-play-kindle-fire-4570988


I Completely Understand

I Haven’t. How Very Nice Of You. Thx!


I understand how you feel AustinzKul, I once used a big fire tablet to play Blockheads. I had to get a new device after 1.7, and I did. But I know how it felt, and I am sorry to say, but I don’t think the devs will update for amazon. Sorry.


You Could just email Amazon and ask them to allow the update


Kinda Figured That Out XD. But Yea. A Downer For Sure




Btw, Jarl Penguin’s link works. I just did it.

Ya, thanks man. It worked.


Oh Nice! Thx!


Oh wow that’s cool! You can just install Google software onto any AOSP device (like Kindles)?


I Guess! Thats Actually Awepic! (Awesome/Epic)


I guess. Maybe. But probably want to make a back up just in case.