I love to join so please may I join


I heard of the deep end so I think it would be nice


I’m sorry, can you please explain what you mean? What do you want to join?


Could you elaborate please?


If you are wanting to join a server, you can pm the owner or maybe an admin, or find the thread dedicated to that server and reply with your request


Hey Bubble, this is a tad bit confusing. This seems like a request to join a private server, and there are a few ways to go about asking correctly.

1- Search up the server thread itself, then comment there about joining.
2- Send the owner a private message (You will need to get to level 2 first, so option 1 is more efficient.)

That’s about it. Just remember to use these methods in the future!


Search shows up only one thread for a Deep End server - and that thread has been closed last year