I loved this game as a kid

When I was around 8-10ish I used to play this game on my amazon kindle fire, I have so many good memories attached to it. I’m pretty sure the gameplay is what got me hooked but the community is what made me stay. I’m just super happy to see It still going on haha, I remember joining a random multiplayer server to make friends (because I didn’t have many) and they taught me so many tricks. There was this one glitch that I’m sure is patched now, where you could double your items. It always made me so upset when a server owner stopped playing…Or a server dies little by little. I always wonder if someone is thinking that about me. “Oh, I wonder why she stopped getting on.” Or something like that. Anyway, thank you guys, for some of my fondest childhood memories.


I remember the glitch now!! It was the railcars duplicate one. :))

Thank goodness that glitch was patched in 1.7.

yeah, It always sucked when people would take advantage of that stuff. I still loved the community though.

Community is something Dave values as he should. Not all developers do. He does it well, and he listens to what comes out of the community. We also have a lot of amazing, generous veteran players, who mentor newbs :slight_smile:

Probably. I don’t really wonder why people stop playing now that the game has reached this age and only continues to grow older (people get bored), but I do find myself wondering how someone I met on The Blockheads is doing sometimes. Just randomly when thinking about some memories I made on the game–I definitely have a lot of good ones, too.