I’m back, and eh

So, hi again…?
I didn’t abandon the forums or anything I just forgot about it and everytime I remembered it I just thought, ‘I’ll check later…’ Well that wasn’t a good idea…

I’m going to try be more active here again I guess… Probably going to forget about this a few times and so but, eh… don’t blame me!

I’m wondering if anyone has a new/developing server I could join and work with. Only really have time for 1-3 different servers. Either I’ll not be able to mentally have time to put aside or my brain will not remember what I did in each… eh…

If anyone does have a server I wouldn’t mind joining it. :wink:
I’ll be going by Rayne, Raynea or rayneq. Didn’t actually figure that out beforehand but eh… (AuraShadow is an old name but we like to move on from stuff that we created when we were like…9…)

Anyways I hope to read through some of the site and catch up on things for a while…

Also, 5 days until Christmas!
Hope you’re all doing okay and are able to enjoy it.
Have fun! :blush:

Edit: I found a server called ‘HIGHER’ with a great community.


well hello welcome back, not much going on like normal

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Welcome back.

You should definitely take a look at Expert City then! :slight_smile: