I meditated 5 titanium ingots in 2 days!

Ok well so just in the past 2 days I have no idea how, I meditated 5 titanium ingots, on a multiplayer server and I’m just amazed how that could happen. This is a new best for me meditating 5 titanium ingots, if you have done it faster then how?


The chance of finding Titanium by meditating is very low. Good thing that you are lucky.

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Some people have got jet packs

I’ve been able to get diamonds by meditating.

Not from meditating without hacks they haven’t. Meditation can’t give any item in the game. It gives food, ores, gems, ingots, pigments, and coins.

It doesn’t give you items your BH can directly use (tools, clothes, blocks, etc), and especially not endgame items like a jet pack.

It is not possible to get jetpacks from meditating

Oh? Well than I’ve seen a hacker lol :joy:

He could’ve dropped it.