I need a bit of help with my server!

My server Forest Village was made yesterday and I need a bit of help making buildings like a cafe, and some houses for people to rent etc. I’ll be on all day so just join and let me know you came from the forum! :smiley:


:one: ~~ please do not spam or litter, we dont need lag.

:two: ~~ dont ask for admin or mod, you will earn it if you have the owners trust!

:three: ~~ please only build with wood, limestone, or marble.

:four: ~~ refrain from cursing, homophobia or racism. any will result in an instant ban.

:five: ~~ respect everyone, it doesnt matter if they are not an admin or mod.

:six: ~~ if you add 7 days credit, you get mod! if you add 30 days credit, you get admin!


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