I need a new active server


About half a year ago I stopped playing the game because the server I was admin on was visited by a hacker who blocked everyone. I lost all my friends and tbh that kinda sucked. I want to get back into the game, so what are some good servers


Just look in the multiplayer category.


Man there’s nothing, everyone’s left the game


What do you mean? There’s plenty!


You may wish to check out this list of servers in this thread:


If you type: any good servers (or something related to that), you get a good amount of results with servers listed


Here’s another good place to look for servers. See who is still getting votes and even how many are online.


Not anymore unfortunately. The authentication changes Dave made in 1.7 to prevent client bots broke my script.


Oh, ok. Neeeevermind.

But the votes resetting usually guarantees that the top page contains servers that are still funded and somewhat active.

Mind you, I don’t force players to vote for Rabbithole or Skylands Arena like some other servers do.