I need a super admin to help me

I need access to a server.Someone put a password on it (piglins unite)

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I can’t help you, I am not an admin on any multiplayer world (server). Tip, it might help if you say the name of the server.

Going assumptions on your case. Maybe the owner of the server closed it down to avoid hackers? If you know the owner name, and you are in luck, maybe you can find him in this forum and send him a private message.

Best of luck.
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You’ll need to ask the owner of the server to remove the password. I don’t believe you can just request for a server password to be removed.


Correct. The super-admins do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, erm server owners. Unless that server owner is breaking game policy.

It might just be a temporary thing while the owner cleans up a mess or gets the server restored after some damage. I do that sometimes.


The server owner on [redacted] was breaking game policies too.
He leaked my IP to the public, banned me three times for no reasons, treated me like a punching bag, called me hateful and offensive names and vandalized all my hard work.

for that I would send a PM directly to Milla or email support at theblockheads.net