I need ^Quartz^ house ideas!

Does anybody have a decent house design that they could screenshot and show to me, not all wood, I need ideas! I hope you guys have some cool houses! You can post you screenshot below v

I’ve created a ton of good houses
But I have this one mansion, this was one of my earliest average good homes.

There is a MGN Thread I’ve made with over 3 pages of players’ homes >

These are my 2 best designs if you’d like to use them :slight_smile:

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Thanks in advance. Although I’m looking more for a bit smaller house. I just started playing a week ago. Although I’ve already gotten pretty good stuff, I don’t have all the materials to build that.

I like big glass bubbles so I can’t really help with smaller houses, unless stone boxes are you’re style :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve screenshot some that I really liked and wanted to access at a later date for inspiration. I don’t know how to do comments before each picture with this new forum…so I won’t be able to credit the builders until I learn how to do that.


Beach houses are my favorite and I make one on every server. This is my absolute favorite so far. I want to shrink myself down and live inside of it for real! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That 2nd, was in the Blockheads Trailer, I think it was the 1.6 one?
Not sure but I like.

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A little house, all it needs is a prairie.


Thanks! Where are the building tables though?

At the factory on top of the mountain.


Tables? Do you mean how to make one? We don’t have official tables. A common method, tho is to put a shelf above a column.

Here’s a little lake house I built once. I like how I caught the Pleiades in the shot. Just noticed that.


For tables:

Put a railroad track on a pillar. Or
Put a shelf on a pillar. Or
Place a shelf (or two or three) on the ground, place two pillars on the bottom row of the shelf, each in a different slot that gives you the spacing you like.

You can place coffee cups and food on the “table” if you use shelves.

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Some people translate benches as building tables. I have often seen it in chat.

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This is your build @Glindoofle?? May I copy?

Ohhhhh I bet that’s what he meant because he said it after the cute little house without a prairie. He was probably wondering where you could fit the benches in the house.

What would we do without you, Ronnie. Your linguistic finesse is priceless.

(btw…I miss popping in at utah. Hope to see u soon!:blush:)


I’d be honoured :blush:

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